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January 11
February 1

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21 Day Gut Reset
Purification Program 


If you find that you are tired, overworked, burnt out, have trouble sleeping, can't get weight off, have chronic aches and pains, are easily irritable or use your diet and alcohol as a form of reward for how hard life is, this is for you.

You will give your body a wonderful gift for 3 weeks by taking a break from foods that cause inflammation:  sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, Omega 6 oils and processed meats.  You will be taking herbs and supplements in the form of smoothies and capsules that will bind and eliminate toxins and allow your gut to reset.

Once the cleanse process is well underway, your body will be given a chance to heal and repair, giving you a wonderful feeling of vibrancy and vitality.  


Yes!  You will have very filling protein shakes (included in the cleanse) as well as:  lots of vegetables, fruits, a small daily portion of legumes and quinoa, seeds and omega 3 fats.  On day 11, you are allowed to introduce organic pasture raised or wild caught lean meats/fish in small portions back into your diet as you rebuild your gut.

Here's what your diet will look like each day:

DAY 1-7:  

Drink 2-3 shakes with fiber and eat 1-2 small meals plus 7 cleanse capsules three times per day and lots and lots of water.  

Light exercise is recommended.



+ 2.5 liters of water per day

Day 1-7 is the detox part of the cleanse.
It is customary to experience die-off from bad gut bacteria and from toxins that have been purged from the liver.  

Common side effects include:  headache, fatigue, foggy headedness, increased or decreased bowel movements and moodiness.

Day 8-21:  

Drink 2-3 shakes with fiber and eat 1-2 small meals plus Green Food capsules and lots of water.  

Starting on Day 11:  organic pasture raised or wild caught lean meats in small portions

Moderate exercise is highly recommended.




+ 2.5 liters of water per day

During this part of the cleanse, many people report:  weight loss (5-15 lbs on average), sharper mental focus, clear skin, reduced chronic pain, mood elevation, increased energy and a deeper connection with identifying their body's needs.

What's included in the cleanse:

For more information about Standard Process, click here

Each kit contains:

  • One bottle of SP Cleanse® capsules for purification

  • One bottle of SP Green Food® capsules for phytonutrients

  • Two containers of SP Complete®, SP Complete® Chocolate, SP Complete® Vanilla or SP Complete® Dairy Free powder for nutritious supplement shakes

  • Two bottles of Gastro-Fiber® capsules or Whole Food Fiber powder for fiber support*

  • 1 Cleanse Journal with recipes and shopping list

Also included:

-"Daily Digest" newsletters with dense information and tips about the body and cleanse process and how to maintain health goals beyond the 3 weeks

-three pre-scheduled 30 minute Zoom group meetings for support, guidance and Q&A

-journal prompts to help you dive deeper into your psychological relationship with food

-Group support and recipe suggestions and successes on private Telegram chat room

-Q&A access to Carol King, L.Ac. via email with 24 hour response time

Sounds Great!  But will it break the bank?

Can you afford $20/day for the purest, cleanest organic ingredients to support your body for 21 days?  

If you spend $10 on a latte and pastry every day, you're more than half way there, as you'll be saving that during the cleanse.  

You really can't put a price on good health.  Just think of how much debt people incur to pay for medical bills when they put their health off for too long.  

This is an investment into your greatest asset:  your body!  

Here are the options:  


for existing patients:


(fiber capsules)



(whole food fiber)


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for new patients:



(fiber capsules)



(whole food fiber)


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Includes 1 hour Telehealth session with Carol King, L.Ac. 


For those of you who have cleansed with us before and have leftover product, you can purchase only what you need and join the group for $50!

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Order now to make sure you have your products at home before we begin!

Click on the pay links above (below each price option) and please include your choice of protein powder flavor in the comments:  Dairy Free, Chocolate or Vanilla
(the last 2 are sweetened with 
monk fruit)
If nothing is mentioned, Dairy Free Unflavored will be sent as the default.

For questions or special instructions on your order, please send an email to:

Excited to cleanse with you this Summer!!!


About the host:

Carol D. King, L.Ac., is the owner and founder of Sea of Light Wellness and Acupuncture, Inc.  She is a California Board licensed acupuncturist with a 25 year history of working and being educated in the healthcare industry from pharmaceutical research to holistic health practices.  

From her own health journey and medical education, she found that diet and exercise practices were fundamental to health and mood stabilization.  

She has tried more than 30 different types of cleanses since her first juice fast in 2003, including 2 full year long cleanses in 2005 and 2012.

You’ll gain pearls in each “Daily Digest” newsletter that she has gleaned from her decades of experience.


About Standard Process products:


Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process, said “Whole foods are the best natural source of vitamins. The key to the highest quality is the manufacturing process.” Because preserving the whole food complex is a top priority when manufacturing our supplements, we base our formulas on Dr. Lee’s time-proven philosophies. Our manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished product, takes an average of six weeks. Throughout the process, raw materials are handled in a carefully controlled environment and tested for quality.  

Quality Begins With a Healthy Harvest

The Kettle Moraine basin of Wisconsin contains nutrient-rich soil. It is here, on company-owned certified organic farmland, that we grow strong, vital plants for use in our supplements. The crops we regularly grow include: alfalfa, barley grass, beets, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat, kale, kidney beans, oats, pea vine, and Spanish black radish.

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