21 Day Purification Program 
Jan 13 - feb 3

Have you been spending a lot of time in front of a screen, eating mindlessly and not getting as much movement in your body as you would normally like?  

Have you been breathing in stale air?  

Have you been consuming more sugar, coffee, alcohol, dairy, gluten, meat or things of that nature than you would otherwise in "normal" years?  

Are you eating fewer vegetables than you'd like?  

Are you forgetting to drink water?  

Are you experiencing stress, depression, insomnia or anxiety?


If you have answered "YES" to any or all of the above questions, read on: 

With all of the pollution from smog and fires, internal stress & anxiety, emotional eating and general uncertainty, we'd like to invite you to take the reigns back on your health practices, if they have slipped out of your control.

The possibility exists to clean up our inner environment, with the hopes that it will translate out into the world we see around us.  With a healthy inner landscape, we might start seeing the world around us from a state of balance and health.  

We are using top notch Standard Process products to re-train our bodies to crave healthier foods.  With the cleaner ingredients you will be eating in this cleanse, you will start to feel lighter in your body and inflammation will decrease.  From that, your immune system will get a re-boot and become stronger and better able to fight off possible infections as we are in the "cold" winter months in the northern hemisphere.

There are 3 options for this cleanse.  In the "Deluxe" cleanse option, acupuncture appointments and foot detox treatments will help facilitate further detox and support the purification process.

We will be starting this on Wednesday, January 13 (on the New Moon) and ending on Wednesday, February 3.  


You will find yourself with a stronger immune system and will learn new tools and tricks that will help you re-establish good boundaries with food.   

Please join me, Carol D. King, L.Ac., as I help guide you towards your healthiest self ever!  I have done countless cleanses and detoxes for the last 20 years, including 2 year long cleanses (in 2005 & 2012), learn some of my best secrets and tips to help you gain success over your diet and how to help you view your food as medicine and detach from emotionally driven cravings.

Everyone will be invited to join our weekly Zoom calls (time to be determined by group survey), where we will go over suggestions and questions to help you for the upcoming week and a final closing call.

Everyone will also receive the "Daily Digest", a newsletter that will support you and offer a new tip, recipe, exercise, meditation & other surprises every day for 21 days as you cleanse.

For those who choose the "Deluxe" cleanse, acupuncture and foot detox are included to support your body as you go through the purification process.  Appointments must be scheduled within January and February; foot detoxes are available at the

Sherman Oaks location only. 

Order now to make sure you have your products before we begin!*

*Deluxe Cleanses are available for L.A. residents only who are already established patients




-30 minute Zoom consultation with Carol King, L.Ac. to review your current diet and add any specific items to set you up for success with your health goals

-Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program supplies including all supplements and journal

-"Daily Digest" e-newsletter every morning in your inbox with inspiration and ideas to keep you motivated and feeling supported


-Access to weekly Zoom calls with Carol King, L.Ac. and other participants to answer questions, get tips and compare notes with others 




-Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program supplies including all supplements and journal

-"Daily Digest" e-newsletter every morning in your inbox with inspiration and ideas to keep you motivated and feeling supported


-Access to weekly Zoom calls with Carol King, L.Ac. and other participants to answer questions, get tips and compare notes with others 

-3 Acupuncture treatments to support your cleanse during the 3 weeks

-2 Ionic Foot Detox 

(in Sherman Oaks location only)

*This option is for L.A. residents and established patients only


-10% off cleanse

(either standard or deluxe)


-10% off

Standard Process

cleanse related products

For previous participants of COVID cleanse and/or Immunity Reboot only

Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program

The 21-Day Purification Program isn’t just a cleanse diet. It’s a structured program that brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus. It’s designed to purify, nourish, and help patients maintain a healthy body weight by eating whole foods, exercising, drinking nutritious shakes, and taking supplements made with whole food and other ingredients.

The menu includes a varied abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits for the first 10 days, with select proteins added on day 11. The supplements support the body’s ability to remove naturally occurring toxins. This promotes a state that allows for toxin release.

Each kit contains:

  • One bottle of SP Cleanse® capsules for purification

  • One bottle of SP Green Food® capsules for phytonutrients

  • Two containers of SP Complete®, SP Complete® Chocolate, SP Complete® Vanilla or SP Complete® Dairy Free powder for nutritious supplement shakes

  • Two bottles of Gastro-Fiber® capsules or Whole Food Fiber powder for fiber support*

    • Gastro-Fiber® is available in convenient capsule form, offering an easy way to receive a small serving of fiber for purification.

    • Whole Food Fiber is available in powder form, providing a large serving of fiber for purification shakes.

ABOUT Standard Process:

Quality Begins With a Healthy Harvest

The Kettle Moraine basin of Wisconsin contains nutrient-rich soil. It is here, on company-owned certified organic farmland, that we grow strong, vital plants for use in our supplements. The crops we regularly grow include: alfalfa, barley grass, beets, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat, kale, kidney beans, oats, pea vine, and Spanish black radish.

Organic Farming Methods

Nature has provided the foundation, and we use organic farming practices to ensure that the quality of our farmland is maintained for years to come. In accordance with our organic certification, we follow strict guidelines to grow our crops, keeping detailed records of our farming practices. Our farmland is monitored annually by certifying agencies to ensure that only the approved farming practices are used. At Standard Process, we are involved from the moment a seed is planted through shipping the finished product to your door. 


Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process, said “Whole foods are the best natural source of vitamins. The key to the highest quality is the manufacturing process.” Because preserving the whole food complex is a top priority when manufacturing our supplements, we base our formulas on Dr. Lee’s time-proven philosophies. Our manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished product, takes an average of six weeks. Throughout the process, raw materials are handled in a carefully controlled environment and tested for quality.  

For more information about Standard Process, click here

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