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"I had a wonderful experience in Carol's yoga class! I found the class to be challenging with a steady flow, balancing poses, and longer holds...while simultaneously being gentle in her focused attention on my experience and in her guiding me into helpful adjustments. I also deeply appreciated the way she used aromatherapy and very soothing words to bring me deeper into stillness at the end of such an awesome, invigorating class!"
-Leah B., Artist & Healer
"Thanks everybody who attended our first Vision Boarding Night. The experience Carol King created was amazing and inspiring to say the least. On a personal note, I must say that my career goals became more clear and I am more able to define and understand what I need to do to reach these goals. The funny thing is that since the session, strange, very surprisingly lucky, unexpected occurrences just keep popping up out of the blue and kinda steering my path in a very good way. My goals and aspirations are now very defined and I have gained new strength, focus and vigor. A lot of my strengths, focus and vigor had faded recently under the pressure of everyday stresses. However, now I am refreshed! I would say that those are pretty remarkable results from just a 2 hour session."
-John H., Yoga Teacher
"Carol's healing hands in both massage and cranial sacral therapy helped make my father and I more comfortable during his final weeks battling cancer. After her treatments, he would smile, appear calm, and light up whenever recounting those sessions spent with her."
-Bianca R., Registered Nurse
"Carol is a skilled and gifted practitioner. She has an awareness of anatomy and functional wellness that is truly above and beyond the rest. I leave her sessions feeling more integrated in my own body and ready to engage in my work and life."
-Lindsey F., Family Practice Physician
"Getting cranial sacral work done by Carol was incredible. Not only did she help with my bruxism, I also walked away from our session having better posture and a much better mind/body connection. I would highly recommend her! (And can't wait till my next appointment!)"
-Carisa G., Student at Institute for Integrative Nutrition
"I have had the GREAT privilege of receiving both massage therapy and cranial sacral therapy from Carol King. Not only has she become my regular massage therapist on a monthly basis because her treatments are just that phenomenal, but a single cranial sacral therapy session cured a major setback I experienced post fibroid surgery. Within 48 hours of her cranial session, I came out of a seven week urinary retention symptom I had been suffering from. She has a VERY SPECIAL GIFT! She is both a HEALER and a gifted intuitive! I highly recommend anyone who has any type of need for healing, balance, restoration and self discovery to work with Carol in some capacity! You will be blown away, and will find yourself craving more. It's truly a BLESSED occasion when a person in need comes across a TRUE healer!"
-Alla K., Actress and Co-Founder of L'uvalla
​"This was an awesome massage!  I feel very relaxed and I have some great stretches to do.  A++!  Great technique and great communication.  I will book with you again soon." 
-Ada B.,  Lawyer
"Carol continues to be the best!  She sets the bar of excellence very high!" 
-Mike G., Business Professional
​"Best I've had so far!"
-Laura O., Stay-at-home Mom
"I feel great and she shared tips on how to loosen my muscles.  Great massage!" 
-Faith W., Sales Administrator
"Most professional and thorough massage.  Magnificent energy!" 
-Angela S., Reiki Master
"Great massage!  One of the best I've ever had!!"
-Amanda S., Personal Assistant
"She is wonderful." 
-Maria B., Caregiver
"Was very pleased with the knowledge and technique.  Will be back." 
-Chris S., Information Technology Specialist

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