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The current global crisis due to COVID-19 has shifted how we handle patient contact, so we have implemented the following offerings and safety protocol in order to lower risk and promote health and wellness:




California state acupuncture association and National Board have been providing up-to-date Zoom trainings with recommended safety measures to minimize risk. As long as you are not showing flu-like symptoms, you are welcome to make an appointment.


Your temperature will be taken at the start of your visit. If your temperature is 99 fahrenheit or above (or 100 for kids), you will not be able to be seen, but if it is below, we can proceed with the visit.


Masks are highly encouraged during colder months.  Please note that cloth and surgical masks are highly ineffective and that KN-95 or N95 masks are the only kind that offer true protection.  

Vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission of COVID-19.  

At home rapid testing does not always detect COVID in the initial days, so as a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to stay at home if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms of any kind for 5 days starting from the beginning of your symptoms.

Electronic payments can be made via Venmo or PayPal in lieu of credit card or cash to limit points of contact.  New sliding scale pricing is offered for those who have taken an economic hit.


Telemedicine visits are now available via Zoom for those of you who need to start or refill herbal prescriptions and for those of you having overwhelming symptoms, but do not feel comfortable leaving your house.  During the 30 minute visit, there will be a review of your symptoms with questions that may require you to show the movements that you are able to make.  Following the intake, you will be walked through an acupressure and self-massage protocol to follow along with other instructions to relieve your symptoms.  A follow up email will be provided with a written version of the protocol went over during the session.  

Payment is taken via Venmo or Paypal.  Some insurance companies are covering telemedicine visits, so there is possibility for reimbursement.

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